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How Shopping at Amazon Can Help Your Favorite Charity

Amazon has a subcategory of shopping called Amazon Smile that donates part of your payment to a charity of your choice at no cost to you. I selected the mental health organization that I go to. Now, many of my purchases on Amazon will be able to benefit them a little bit. It takes time for the donations to be processed from orders, so don’t worry if the site doesn’t say right away that it went through.

I recommend this service as a fun way to make a bit of a financial contribution. There are so many types of organizations represented that many customers who are interested will likely be able to find one that works for a cause that they care about.

Ideas For Blogging to Help Others

If you have writer’s block, here are some ideas for the different kinds of things that bloggers can provide their readers:

  • Teach a skill, such as walking readers through a recipe you made.
  • Teach something academic, such as a historical event.
  • Teach something intangible, such as tips for mental health, life skills, or improving relationships.
  • Share something personal. Reading about other peoples’ experiences, feelings, values, opinions, etc can help readers develop empathy and go on to be kinder to other people.
  • Interview other people for your blog, link to others, or invite guest posters to help others attract more readers, and for the new readers to come across people they may not otherwise have found.
  • Share your fun with your readers. For example, one of the posts on my blog so far is about my thoughts on the book A Good Marriage, by Stephen King.
  • Share something artistic. If you like to do something like write short stories, paint, or take pictures, it’s likely that you’ll have an audience for it.
  • Like or respond to the people who comment on your blog to show your appreciation for their participation.
  • Share resources, such as mental health or domestic violence hotlines.
  • Inform the reader about a social issue, such as the causes of homelessness.
  • Offer an advice column so that your readers can ask for help with their specific questions.

Happy blogging!