Coping Skills

Here’s a list of coping skills for dealing with life difficulties, especially mental health related ones. I’ll continue to grow this list. I’ll write posts over time that’ll go into more detail about these skills.

  • Planning: setting goals, using a planner, having backup plans, preventing potential problems
  • Writing: making lists, journaling, or blogging to organize your thoughts
  • Thinking about what has gone right, is currently going right, or could go right in the future
  • Mindfulness: aiming to spend more time in the present than ruminating about the past or future
  • Radical acceptance: accepting the things that you can’t control, such as what has happened in the past
  • Doing an activity that you enjoy
  • Self care: bathing, going to appointments, getting dressed, etc
  • Talking to someone for support and/or guidance: a therapist, family member, friend, partner, forum, or mental health hotline
  • Getting other kinds of professional help, such as from a customer service agent
  • If spiritual and/or religious, tapping into those: depending on your beliefs, this could include prayer, meditation, magic, rituals, divination, symbolism (i.e an angel figurine), or talking to someone who could provide the spiritual or religious guidance you’d like. For example, you could talk to a pastor for Christian guidance, a rabbi for Jewish guidance, or a coven leader for Wiccan guidance