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I’m Scared That My Mom Will Die

On Monday night, my mom was having severe leg pain and trouble breathing. I didn’t know at the time. She told my dad, and neither of them realized how much trouble she was in, so she didn’t get help until Tuesday morning, when her caregiver’s supervisor visited her and saw that she needed emergency help. My mom thought that she was having a panic attack.

Late Tuesday afternoon, she went into a medically induced coma to help her breathe. I’m sorry that no one knew sooner that she needed help. Maybe if she could’ve gotten help earlier, she’d be in more stable condition. The last things that we talked about while she was still conscious were a cat joke and a cooking video about things to add to refried beans. She loves to talk about food. I was trying to keep things fun for her.

On Wednesday, my dad and I visited her at the hospital. I was grateful to have him guide me, since I get lost easily. It hurt to see her helpless in bed, unconscious and paralyzed by the medicine they were giving her for her protection. My dad and I talked to her and touched her hand, which was very cold. We told her that we hope she makes it, but that if she wants to leave, that’s okay, since we didn’t want her to feel pressured.

Since Halloween is her favorite holiday, I did Halloween themed word search puzzles on my Switch, which she enjoyed trying out earlier, and told her about them, as well as the cheesy jokes that show each time I solve the puzzle. I told her that Halloween is next month and that I still have Pokemon to catch for her. Lol, maybe that will help keep her going.

I started writing letters to her on Wednesday. I’ll write one to her every day until she either wakes up, or passes away, to document how she’s doing and how I and the other people connected to her are coping. If she wakes up, I hope that she’ll find the letters meaningful. If she passes away, I might save them to look at once or a few times a year.

I got to talk to my therapist on the phone. She said that she’s there to support me. She wants to connect me to a peer counselor, and she encouraged me to try a group there again to build a support system.

My mom has been my blog’s biggest fan. She asks me for links to almost every post. She wrote a guest post for Psychology Plus last month, and we had planned on her contributing one per month after that, so that she could enjoy writing without what she felt was a hassle of trying to maintain a regular blog. I’d really enjoy seeing more of her writing and another side to her voice.

44 would be so soon to leave this world.

Ideas For Blogging to Help Others

If you have writer’s block, here are some ideas for the different kinds of things that bloggers can provide their readers:

  • Teach a skill, such as walking readers through a recipe you made.
  • Teach something academic, such as a historical event.
  • Teach something intangible, such as tips for mental health, life skills, or improving relationships.
  • Share something personal. Reading about other peoples’ experiences, feelings, values, opinions, etc can help readers develop empathy and go on to be kinder to other people.
  • Interview other people for your blog, link to others, or invite guest posters to help others attract more readers, and for the new readers to come across people they may not otherwise have found.
  • Share your fun with your readers. For example, one of the posts on my blog so far is about my thoughts on the book A Good Marriage, by Stephen King.
  • Share something artistic. If you like to do something like write short stories, paint, or take pictures, it’s likely that you’ll have an audience for it.
  • Like or respond to the people who comment on your blog to show your appreciation for their participation.
  • Share resources, such as mental health or domestic violence hotlines.
  • Inform the reader about a social issue, such as the causes of homelessness.
  • Offer an advice column so that your readers can ask for help with their specific questions.

Happy blogging!