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Due to Shopping Anxiety, I Hired Someone to Take Me Grocery Shopping Once a Week, and it has Made Life Easier

Grocery shopping on the bus was really hard. When I managed to go, I couldn’t put much food in my rolling cart. The bus route for where I live gets so crowded that I worried about the extra space that my cart took up. Since I couldn’t carry much on the bus, I had to choose between not having enough to eat, or making multiple trips per week.

A lot of times, I starved. When I did manage to make multiple trips, just getting food consumed hours and hours from my week. I’d rather put that time into things like working on my blog and job search.

I sometimes ate at nearby restaurants, ordered delivery, or bought way overpriced food at nearby convenience stores. I couldn’t afford to buy enough food from any of these places to fill the gap from my shopping difficulties, so I still often went hungry. My orders from these places wiped out my savings. I was hoping to use my savings to pay off my school debt so that I could return, turn my blog into a business, put together a decent wardrobe, get a pet from a shelter, and finish furnishing my apartment. Now my savings are gone, and all of those things will take way longer.

I tried a couple of grocery delivery services, Instacart and Shypt, but neither of them took food stamps. Trying to get an agency caregiver was a nightmare. Recently, it occurred to me to look up resumes on Craigslist and hire someone myself.

I got lucky with the first person I contacted. I can put groceries in the back of his truck, so now I can get enough food in just one trip each week. That has given me more peace of mind, along with not having to worry if people on the crowded bus resent me for taking up space with my cart of food. A nice bonus is that it has been fun having him to talk to on the way to the store and back, such as when I got to hear about his experience working with farm animals.

I wish I had thought of this sooner. It could’ve saved me thousands of dollars. My back pay went almost entirely to my food crisis. I’m so sad and ashamed about that. I feel stupid. It could take years to bounce back from this financial setback to pay off my debt, make my apartment look nice, etc.

At least my shopping problem is finally solved. Although my back pay is gone, going forward, I’ll be free to spend my regular money on other things besides just trying not to starve to death.




Guest Post From My Mom: Tips for Preventing Fires While Cooking

Cooking can seem scary at first, but following some simple procedures can make it much safer.

In Spokane, Washington, several fires have been in the news recently. One of them was about a house that burned down because of “unattended cooking” (Lake).

Practicing safe cooking techniques is easy.

First and foremost, don’t leave anything unattended in the stove or on the oven. According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, the leading cause of home fires is unattended cooking (“Cooking Safety in the Home”). Check the food regularly and use the timer as an easy reminder of when the food is done cooking.

Some people may feel especially anxious when cooking with a stove top or hot plate because they worry about burning their food, burning themselves by accident, or perhaps even burning their house. The National Fire Prevention Association has several tips on how to cook safely with oil. One of the best tips is to gently add food to the hot pan. Another great tip is to keep a lid handy.

(Editor’s note: cooking has been one of the aspects of my own anxiety disorder, and I can attest that it has gone down a lot after learning these tips from my mom).

There are other options, too.

Crockpots, for example, are easy to use. They can even be left unattended for a few hours.

Microwaves are affordable, and many recipes are available online for free. Microwaves turn themselves off when their time reaches zero.

Rice pots are inexpensive and easy to use. Some models even come with recipes in the instruction booklet.


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