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A Tribute to My Late Mom

I’m happy and honored that I had her as my mom.

She showed her love for her community by helping her neighbors with their social services paperwork, voting, sharing links to news articles, and contacting politicians.

She showed her love for me by saying, “Go do something fun,” at the end of our conversations. It made her sad how much I ruminated about stressful things, and she encouraged me to try to tap into the more refreshing side of life, which I’m still working on, thanks to her.

She showed her love for my dad by putting minutes on his phone for him every month, since he really struggled to figure out how to do it.

When we hung out, we spent most of our time together watching crime shows and playing Pokemon. We had so much fun! One of the last things I told her as she was dying, which she unfortunately couldn’t respond to because she was in a coma, was that I’d continue our criminology tradition by trying to get a volunteer job in the field, such as possibly visiting kids at the juvenile detention center.

Halloween was her favorite holiday. This is the day her spirit tells me that she wants me to do the most for her every year in her memory. Monster movies, such as the Frankenstein ones, were among her favorite kind.

Aside from criminology, her other favorite subjects to learn about included anthropology and linguistics. Sadly, she regretted not majoring in anthropology in college, but she did get to minor in linguistics. At least one, maybe a few of her classes were in anthropology. We shared both fascinations and frustrations with trying to understand people.

Security was one of her values that was most important to her. She was very mindful about things like going to her medical appointments and having two phones in case one of them was lost or stolen. It seems that her favorite aspect of security to learn and discuss was finance. She enjoyed going over her budget and scoping out sales and other ways to save money. Recently, she contributed a guest post involving safety in the kitchen.

Aside from Pokemon, she also enjoyed playing Sims a lot. She had a routine of playing every Sims game the same way, by having her sims run a nectar (their word for wine) business from their homes so that she could manage their needs more easily. In her Pokemon games, she liked more variety, and gave herself little challenges to entertain herself. One challenge that she’d sometimes do was to beat a Pokemon game with a team full of Pokemon of the same type, which was tricky, because there are 18 types, which have different strengths and weaknesses to each other.

Thank you, Mom, for being part of my life.



Guest Post From My Mom: Tips for Preventing Fires While Cooking

Cooking can seem scary at first, but following some simple procedures can make it much safer.

In Spokane, Washington, several fires have been in the news recently. One of them was about a house that burned down because of “unattended cooking” (Lake).

Practicing safe cooking techniques is easy.

First and foremost, don’t leave anything unattended in the stove or on the oven. According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, the leading cause of home fires is unattended cooking (“Cooking Safety in the Home”). Check the food regularly and use the timer as an easy reminder of when the food is done cooking.

Some people may feel especially anxious when cooking with a stove top or hot plate because they worry about burning their food, burning themselves by accident, or perhaps even burning their house. The National Fire Prevention Association has several tips on how to cook safely with oil. One of the best tips is to gently add food to the hot pan. Another great tip is to keep a lid handy.

(Editor’s note: cooking has been one of the aspects of my own anxiety disorder, and I can attest that it has gone down a lot after learning these tips from my mom).

There are other options, too.

Crockpots, for example, are easy to use. They can even be left unattended for a few hours.

Microwaves are affordable, and many recipes are available online for free. Microwaves turn themselves off when their time reaches zero.

Rice pots are inexpensive and easy to use. Some models even come with recipes in the instruction booklet.


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